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The key to optimizing Reperfusion at each STEMI portal

The STEMI ALERT Packet acts as an instant reperfusion trigger when a STEMI is recognized. It simplifies thinking down to instinct (Got STEMI? Open Packet!) and also provides access to "the plan." The 3 color-coded checklists guide the Reperfusion cascade and the 2 data sheets integrate Real-Time Data Collection into the process.

The STEMI ALERT Packet templates can easily be adapted to any institution and are integrated to fit with other UPSTART materials, including the Project UPSTART Provider Training Module and the UPSTART Color Guide. Placing a STEMI Alert Packet in each Emergency Department within your system lets you link facilities together making it easy to form an integrated STEMI System of Care.

Would you like to see an actual STEMI Alert Packet? Having a fully constructed packet in your hand makes the process of making your own much easier. Fill out the form below and we will mail you some sample full-color packets. We will also send you a Project UPSTART Tool Kit CD and a Provider Training DVD.

Packets are provided free of charge.

Note: files also available for download (see below).

STEMI Alert Packet Builders Universe

STEMI Alert Packet Templates: easily adapted to your system.

Packet Construction Info

Making your own packets is easy. The information below is a good start. Please contact us at with additional questions.

Publicity Forms, etc:

Once your packet is in place, you have to keep it “in sight and in the mind” of your STEMI care providers. The best way to do this is constant publicity! Use the following forms to blanket your ED with reminders: